Appleton, WI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUL, Ellyn R.  12 Feb 1924Appleton, WI I316
2 AUL, Erna Ella Elsie  6 Oct 1909Appleton, WI I320
3 BOELTER, Alyce Grace  16 Oct 1919Appleton, WI I848
4 RATH, Genevieve “Gen”  24 Sep 1923Appleton, WI I251
5 SCHROEDER, Delroy Paul  4 Jan 1956Appleton, WI I1275
6 SCHROEDER, Raymond F.  30 Apr 1912Appleton, Wi I1242
7 SCHWAB, Leona Ethelbert  11 Oct 1905Appleton, WI I55
8 SEEMANN, Jeffery Allyn  Abt 1950Appleton, WI I910
9 SPRINGSTROH, James Harvey  5 May 1943Appleton, WI I1226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Judy?  27 Jun 2018Appleton, WI I1262
2 AUL, Ellyn R.  15 Nov 2008Appleton, WI I316
3 AUL, Friederich (Frederick)  10 Apr 1919Appleton, Wi I264
4 DOERING, Walter J.  17 Apr 1973Appleton, WI I356
5 GRIST, Franklin James Jr.  3 May 2019Appleton, WI I28
6 LAMERS, Elizabeth  3 Jul 1999Appleton, WI I1119
7 METGE, Molly Amalia  3 Dec 1921Appleton, WI I415
8 RADTKE, Della Olive  22 Dec 1995Appleton, WI I218
9 RATH, Genevieve “Gen”  23 Feb 2011Appleton, WI I251
10 REITER, Rosemary A.  1 Dec 1987Appleton, WI I311
11 SCHWAB, Leona Ethelbert  24 Oct 1985Appleton, WI I55
12 SCHWAB, Norbert F.  19 Sep 1969Appleton, WI I817
13 WITT, Henry  21 Jul 1943Appleton, WI I190
14 WOLF, Emil Peter  23 Sep 1940Appleton, WI I494


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Marie  Appleton, WI I908
2 AUL, Friederich (Frederick)  Appleton, WI I264
3 AUL, Melvin  Appleton, WI I310
4 BOELTER, Julius Herman  Appleton, WI I846
5 DOERING, Helen  15 Jun 1990Appleton, WI I422
6 GRIST, Franklin James  Appleton, WI I27
7 GRIST, Franklin James Jr.  10 May 2019Appleton, WI I28
8 HEIN, Emma C.  Appleton, WI I474
9 KRUSE, Eveline E.  Appleton, WI I1270
10 LAMERS, Henry (Hank) John  Appleton, WI I56
11 LAMERS, Mary Margaret  Aug 2020Appleton, WI I31
12 METGE, Molly Amalia  Appleton, WI I415
13 RADTKE, Della Olive  26 Dec 1995Appleton, WI I218
14 RADTKE, Susan Kay  Appleton, Wi I21
15 REITER, Rosemary A.  Appleton, WI I311
16 SCHROEDER, Delroy Paul  Appleton, WI I1275
17 SCHWAB, Leona Ethelbert  Appleton, WI I55
18 SCHWAB, Louis Anton  Appleton, WI I473
19 WILLIAMS, Tessie Bette  Appleton, WI I847
20 WITT, Eunice Edna  Appleton, WI I479


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 AUL, Ellyn R.  1940Appleton, WI I316
2 AUL, Emil August  1940Appleton, WI I19
3 AUL, Melvin  1940Appleton, WI I310
4 AUL, Vera Elsa Augusta  1940Appleton, WI I3
5 BOELTER, Alyce Grace  1930Appleton, WI I848
6 BOELTER, Alyce Grace  1940Appleton, WI I848
7 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1905Appleton, WI I846
8 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1910Appleton, WI I846
9 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1920Appleton, WI I846
10 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1930Appleton, WI I846
11 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1940Appleton, WI I846
12 BOELTER, William Wilhelm  1905Appleton, WI I188
13 DAHLKE, Emma  1920Appleton, WI I717
14 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  1940Appleton, WI I18
15 DOERING, Paul Frederick  1930Appleton, WI I403
16 DOERING, Walter J.  1930Appleton, WI I356
17 DOERING, Walter J.  1940Appleton, WI I356
18 GRIST, Franklin James Jr.  1940Appleton, WI I28
19 GRIST, John Phippen  1940Appleton, WI I71
20 GRIST, John Roger (Jack)  1940Appleton, WI I2
21 GRIST, Virginia Ann  1940Appleton, WI I29
22 HEIN, Emma C.  1910Appleton, WI I474
23 HEIN, Emma C.  1920Appleton, WI I474
24 HEIN, Emma C.  1930Appleton, WI I474
25 HEIN, Emma C.  1940Appleton, WI I474
26 HERTEL, Rosanna Rosann  1930Appleton, WI I402
27 LAMERS, Henry (Hank) John  1930Appleton, WI I56
28 LAMERS, Henry (Hank) John  1940Appleton, WI I56
29 RADTKE, Arthur William  1940Appleton, WI I16
30 RADTKE, Della Olive  1930Appleton, WI I218
31 RADTKE, Della Olive  1940Appleton, WI I218
32 RATH, Genevieve “Gen”  1930Appleton, WI I251
33 RATH, Genevieve “Gen”  1940Appleton, WI I251
34 RATH, Harvey Anton  1920Appleton, WI I219
35 RATH, Harvey Anton  1930Appleton, WI I219
36 RATH, Harvey Anton  1940Appleton, WI I219
37 RATH, Roland Harry  1930Appleton, WI I253
38 RATH, Roland Harry  1940Appleton, WI I253
39 REITER, Rosemary A.  1920Appleton, WI I311
40 REITER, Rosemary A.  1940Appleton, WI I311
41 SCHWAB, Clifford Anthony  1920Appleton, WI I818
42 SCHWAB, Clifford Anthony  1930Appleton, WI I818
43 SCHWAB, Leona Ethelbert  1910Appleton, WI I55
44 SCHWAB, Leona Ethelbert  1920Appleton, WI I55
45 SCHWAB, Leona Ethelbert  1940Appleton, WI I55
46 SCHWAB, Louis Anton  1910Appleton, WI I473
47 SCHWAB, Louis Anton  1920Appleton, WI I473
48 SCHWAB, Louis Anton  1930Appleton, WI I473
49 SCHWAB, Norbert F.  1910Appleton, WI I817
50 SCHWAB, Norbert F.  1920Appleton, WI I817

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    PURC    Person ID 
1 AUL, Emil August  9 Aug 1922Appleton, WI I19
2 AUL, Emil August  24 Jan 1923Appleton, WI I19
3 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  4 Mar 1921Appleton, WI I18
4 RADTKE, Arthur William  14 Mar 1928Appleton, WI I16


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 AUL, Emil August  1908Appleton, WI I19
2 AUL, Emil August  1921Appleton, WI I19
3 AUL, Emil August  1925Appleton, WI I19
4 AUL, Emil August  1925Appleton, WI I19
5 AUL, Emil August  1928Appleton, WI I19
6 AUL, Emil August  1932Appleton, WI I19
7 AUL, Emil August  1934Appleton, WI I19
8 AUL, Emil August  1936Appleton, WI I19
9 AUL, Emil August  Dec 1937Appleton, WI I19
10 AUL, Emil August  1938Appleton, WI I19
11 AUL, Emil August  2 Jan 1940Appleton, WI I19
12 AUL, Emil August  1942Appleton, WI I19
13 AUL, Emma B.  1932Appleton, WI I265
14 AUL, Emma B.  1936Appleton, WI I265
15 AUL, Erna Ella Elsie  1934Appleton, WI I320
16 AUL, Melvin  1934Appleton, WI I310
17 AUL, Melvin  1936Appleton, WI I310
18 AUL, Melvin  1940Appleton, Wi I310
19 AUL, Melvin  1951Appleton, WI I310
20 AUL, Melvin  1962Appleton, WI I310
21 AUL, Thomas  1962Appleton, WI I314
22 AUL, Vera Elsa Augusta  9 Jul 1923Appleton, WI I3
23 AUL, Vera Elsa Augusta  11 Jun 1930Appleton, WI I3
24 AUL, Vera Elsa Augusta  Feb 1967Appleton, WI I3
25 BAUERNFEIND, Walter J.  1995Appleton, WI I17
26 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1915Appleton, WI I846
27 BOELTER, Julius Herman  25 Mar 1924Appleton, WI I846
28 BOELTER, Julius Herman  1942Appleton, WI I846
29 BOELTER, William Wilhelm  1893Appleton, WI I188
30 BOELTER, William Wilhelm  1899Appleton, WI I188
31 DANNEMAN, Bertha  1 May 1920Appleton, WI I723
32 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  1921Appleton, WI I18
33 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  Feb 1927Appleton, WI I18
34 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  1934Appleton, WI I18
35 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  1936Appleton, WI I18
36 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  12 Jan 1939Appleton, WI I18
37 DOERING, Frieda Bertha  1951Appleton, WI I18
38 DOERING, Walter J.  1951Appleton, WI I356
39 GAUTHIER, Mabel A.  1951Appleton, WI I816
40 GRIST, Franklin James  1930Appleton, WI I27
41 GRIST, Franklin James  1932Appleton, WI I27
42 GRIST, Franklin James  1934Appleton, WI I27
43 GRIST, Franklin James  1936Appleton, WI I27
44 GRIST, Franklin James  8 Mar 1940Appleton, WI I27
45 GRIST, Franklin James  25 May 1940Appleton, WI I27
46 GRIST, Franklin James Jr.  1979Appleton, WI I28
47 GRIST, Franklin James Jr.  1988Appleton, WI I28
48 GRIST, John Roger (Jack)  1952Appleton, WI I2
49 HERTEL, Rosanna Rosann  1951Appleton, WI I402
50 KING, Genevieve Marie  1951Appleton, WI I254

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AUL / DAHLKE  1 May 1920Appleton, WI F348
2 LAMERS / SCHWAB  1 May 1926Appleton, WI F38
3 RADTKE / HOOYMAN  23 Feb 1927Appleton, WI F145
4 WADDELL / AUL  3 Mar 1929Appleton, WI F501
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